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Race for Reconciliation
January 17, 2022 @ Noon

Imagine a movement where people believe again, even dare to dream again. Imagine people from all races and all levels of education and economics uniting together for the greater good.

Imagine tens of thousands of people coming together in each city to promote love and equality. Imagine a new voice that is positive and united. Imagine this voice fighting for the forgiveness, freedom, and fulfillment of all people.

  • Imagine the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream:

  • Healing from the past

  • Honor in the present

  • Hope for the future

  • Imagine a race for reconciliation.

Visit to learn more and register...

Pastor Rufus Smith &
Dr. Eli Morris
Hope Church Memphis

"On the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. let's gather to address the heart problem that can only be solved when people of all ethnicities unify and choose to overcome evil with good.

Bishop Ed Stephens
Golden Gate Cathedral

"Let me tell you why I would participate in the Race for Reconciliation. It's going to bring healing, honor and hope. You will be a change agent in our city."

R4R for a Better Tomorrow

Together we can become the most unified

city in America

Pastor Will Jones
Germantown Presbyterian Church

"The Race for Reconciliation is going to pull all together off the sidelines into the street together as we run together to be one community."

Lead Pastor Marron Thomas
Innovation Church

"I am on board for Race for Reconciliation. It is going to be amazing. I'm in the game, but what's important is that you get in the game.'

Amy Howard, CEO
Amy Howard at Home
& A Makers' Studio

"Let's lock arms side by side and show true unity which will lead to true healing."

Rickey Floyd

The Pursuit of God

Transformation Center

"I am humbled and grateful to be a part of the team of R4R. We've got coming the Race for Reconciliation and we're going to have healing, honor and hope and we know that you need to be a part of this. I'll see you at the race."

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